On the MSA Rally License Exam (BARS), you can drive:
Icon: Escort RS2000 Icon: Peugeot 206 Super Cup Icon: Subaru Impreza Icon: Peugeot Mitsubishi Evo
Course duration
Please allow 1.5 hours on site
Minimum people you need to book:
Icon: 1 person minimum group size



We guarantee a 1:1 ratio - just you, the car and instructor.

In car camera package available.

Spectators drives and rides available on the day.

Trackside viewing.

Rally Certificate included.



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Photo: Peugeot 206 Super Cup Photo: Peugeot 206 Super Cup

MSA Rally License Exam (BARS)

Price £195

Please allow 1.5 hours on site.

Refreshments available

The details:

Thinking of going rallying? We can help you take the first step to becoming a rally driver with an MSA rally license

A MSA license (BARS) is the recognized qualification for entry level rally series and is provided by the Motorsport Association (MSA) who regulates motorsport in the UK. Anyone wishing to take up rallying must pass the MSA License Exam (BARS) in order to obtain a licence to compete at competition level.

The test is a great introduction to motorsport and will equip you will some new skills, increase your knowledge of the sport and etiquette, thus providing a higher level of safety for all involved, being driver, navigator, officials and spectators. By obtaining the license, you will have achieved a minimum standard for both the academic and practical knowledge of rallying which is essential for anyone before starting their rally career.

The assessment comprises of the following elements

  • Welcome introduction
  • Briefing - what to expect at your first rally, safety issues and the BARS test details
  • Driving Evaluation in chosen rally car
  • Written Assessment
  • De-brief


Most drivers choose to book some driver tuition alongside their assessment which is a great asset, as there is no practical or theory tuition given during the test itself. Opting for tuition allows the driver to combine the driver tuition and BARS assessment on the same day. The assessment can seem daunting however the assessments are carried out by our chief instructors who actively compete both as drivers and navigators with over 40 years of rally experience. LRS are on hand to advise you on any aspect of the sport as required.

1-to-1 rally tuition or rally experiences are available at a discounted rate when combined with a BARS test Booking. If you are unsure as to whether you have enough rally driving experience please call us to discuss your requirements.

At the point of booking you can request a FWD, RWD or 4WD Assessment or tuition package depending on your intention for competition or simply preference.

For further information or details please call 01869 278199 or info@rally-school.com

Step 1

Click on the following link to purchase your starter pack.

GoRallying MSA licence pack

The pack contains a Novice application form which includes the cost of the first licence, MSA Pen, Specimen Licence and a DVD, which contains the MSA Yearbook and a video on Rallying.

Once you receive your starter pack it will guide you through the sections of the MSA blue book to be revised. Please make sure that you are confident with the information in preparation for your exam.

Step 2

Book your exam date by calling us on 01869 278199 or book online

Assessment Exam Fee: £195

On successful completion of the assessment, return your signed form to the MSA to receive your rally licence.

(Courses are run regularly)

Licence Signature to upgrade national B License to National A

For those drivers who already have a National B Licence and require a further License signature towards National A status- this can be accomplished by attending one of our 1 to 1 tuition courses.

The 1 to 1 tuition half day course is a minimum requirement for advanced BARS (license Signature) - you will need to have competed in some rallies in order that we can help enhance your driving in competition. The level of tuition required will be discussed prior to or on the day of your tuition.





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