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London Rally School - Peugeot 206 Super Cup

The Cars: Peugeot 206 Super Cup

The Peugeot challenge has seen rise to some of the most successful rally drivers of all time. The nimble, high revving Group A FWD machines are extremely fast on all surfaces and are always driven absolutely flat out using techniques such as left foot braking, handbrake turns, lift off oversteer, however correct lines, entry and exit speeds in corners are very important to get the maximum out of these cars.

Our Group A 206 super cup cars are considered one of the most fun and capable challenge cars of all time. These cars have bias braking, 6 speed close ratio gearboxes and bucket loads of power, once the FWD techniques have been mastered you can expect vastly improved stage times and overall feel and confidence with the car. The nature of the engine and chassis setup suits drivers who are prepared to drive with commitment and pace, however forgiving to drivers new to the sport. A true white knuckle rally car.

You can drive the 206 Super Cup's on our Rally Taster Course, Rally Challenge Course, One-to-One Tuition and Residential One-to-One Tuition courses.

Peugeot 206 Super Cup Specification:

  • Engine Double over head cam, 16v naturally aspirated
  • Capacity - 1600cc
  • Power - 160bhp @ 6200rpm
  • Drive Front wheel drive
  • Transmission - Six speed close ratio manual, plate type LSD
  • Performance - 0 to 60mph in 6.4 seconds
  • Safety: Full roll cage, bucket seats, race harnesses, fire extinguishers

What our customers say:

"The 206s are great - the ideal car to improve my rally driving technique in. I'm ready for a year on the stages and I'm confident I'll be quicker than before!"
Steve Mitchell, Reading

"Great stuff - I felt every bump and turn through the wheel, and the seat!"
James Bramley, Reading

"Having taken an Impreza out too, it was just stunning to really feel and understand the differences of 4WD vs 2WD."
Chris Hawkins, Cheltenham



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